About the Documentary

One Night Stand is a fast-paced, hilarious behind-the scenes journey with top Broadway, Hollywood and Indie artists Rachel Dratch, Cheyenne Jackson, Richard Kind, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and many more, as they take the challenge to produce four short original musicals, from blank page to live stage, all within 24 hours!

The clock starts ticking at 8 pm, when the participants meet and the creative process begins: teams of writers and composers choose their actors and create four original 15-minute scripts and scores overnight. In the morning, actors and directors begin rehearsals for the 8 pm, one-night-only performance. Think A Chorus Line meets Project Runway – a glimpse into the creative process with a compressed time frame: the spark, the camaraderie, the sheer panic and the ultimate thrill of expression.

A Must-See for Drama Students

One Night Stand is thought-provokiing and inspiring for students in any field that requires creative thinking.

The DVD’s Special features include the full performance of each musical and interviews with the stars about their creative process and how they launched their careers. The Education Package is available in two versions: University (18 and over) and the High School version. You’ll receive an online Teacher’s Guide with suggested assignments, discussion and essay questions and a 25-page PDF document of supporting materials for your students to download.

Students will:

– Compare and contrast the creative processes of professional playwrights, composers, actors and directors
– Analyze different styles of creative collaboration
– Understand and appreciate the impact of time pressure on creativity
– Be inspired to set fear and insecurity aside when creating and presenting new work

What educators are saying:

“My drama students learned so much from One Night Stand that I now show it in my English class as well. The underlying lessons about creative collaboration are invaluable for all students, and they love watching well-known professional actors panic as the deadline approaches. The teacher’s guide saved me hours of lesson planning. One Night Stand is now a permanent part of my curriculum.”
– Carla Lee, Balam High School

“For my course on analyzing and creating musicals, I couldn’t have asked for a more revealing look at the creative process. One Night Stand is a great documentary and a wonderful teaching tool.”
– Allen Feinstein, Instructor, Northeastern University

“Seeing behind the scenes of how a musical came to be was really interesting and gave me new motivation toward my own projects.”
– Samantha Morrill, Student